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Who needs quality management? And what does it do for a company? Quality management helps companies be effective and efficient. Internal processes, services, products - all this and much more can be improved by it. Gottfried Giritzer is an accomplished quality manager and is well-versed in all facets of his field. Yet, he had no interest in writing a dry technical book. Instead, his protagonist Graham Gishler recounts his personal experiences. Not difficult to guess that the inventive quality manager Gishler holds some of the same autobiographical traits as the author. Equipped with common sense, Gishler sets about introducing a few improvements at a manufacturer of electronic devices. More by accident than planned, and eyed with much suspicion, Gishler and his few fellow colleagues, head down the stony path that will lead to systematic quality management. They are driven by curiosity and enjoy their journey through uncharted territory. And their pioneer spirit is rewarded ... By regarding the management system as a sensible guideline that should be used to ensure the global optimum of the company, he is able to find acceptance among all employees. He also finds it helpful to combine multiple guideline systems, such as environmental, safety and quality management within an integrated management system - especially when it is applied intelligently and fairly simply. Although the story is full of experiences, it is mainly a fictional one. Narrative freedom allows the author to incorporate anecdotes and irony to show how management can cheerfully and unknowingly end up on the wrong path. This book is meant to assist employees and management working in the field of quality management, as well as in any other area of a company. Because the following holds true: not only can you learn from your mistakes, but from your success as well. Nach einer Ausbildung zum Ingenieur der Nachrichtentechnik und Elektronik sammelte Gottfried Giritzer zwölf Jahre Berufserfahrung in Kleinbetrieben bis hin zur Übernahme der gewerberechtlich-technischen Verantwortung. Nach seinem Wechsel in einen mittleren Industriebetrieb in der Elektronikbranche war er mit vielen unterschiedlichen Projekten betraut und gestaltete den Aufbau eines integrierten Managementsystems mit. Zu seinen zahlreichen technischen Weiterbildungen erwarb er weitere Kenntnisse, etwa als Qualitätsmanager, Logistikfachkraft sowie Projektmanager, und absolvierte verschiedenste IT-Ausbildungen. Im Laufe seiner über 30-jährigen Berufslaufbahn sammelte er viele Erfahrungen mit Projektmanagement von technischen Projekten in kleinen und mittleren Gewerbe- und Industriebetrieben, aber auch mit Logistik-, IT- und Organisationsprojekten. Er steht nach wie vor in der beruflichen Praxis und ist überzeugt, dass die konsequente Anwendung einfacher Grundlagen in vielen Disziplinen die besten Lösungen bereitstellt.

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